Low Tide(s) affecting launch service this coming weekend

Due to expected extreme low tides on Saturday through Tuesday,  we will not be able to get into the Village Street Dock during parts of the morning(s).  Below are the expected adjusted opening times for each day:

Saturday (6/16)-Launch service will be opening at 9:30am
Sunday  (6/17)
-Launch service will be opening at 10:30am
Monday (6/18)-Launch service will 8:00am  but will be suspend service from 8:30am to 10:30am. 
Tuesday (6/19)-Launch service will 8:00am  but will be suspend service from 10:00am to 12:00pm. 

Please note, because tide charts are not exact, there may be minor adjustments to these times on each day.  Plan your trips to and from your boat accordingly.

The Harbormaster "in service date" for moorings is June 15th, if you haven't already arranged for your mooring's service, now is the time to do so.

Transport of fuel on the launches is not permitted.

Launch Service: Mid-Harbor Launch drivers can be hailed on VHF channel 69 or from the call box at the head of the dock. From May through the last Sunday in October, we have launches operating from the Village Street dock on Marblehead’s West Shore.

2018 Launch Service Schedule
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Moorings: We are the only mooring company that exclusively works on Marblehead's West Shore.  That means we are here to help you if there are any problems or concerns. We can save you the most money this boating season. We offer many discounts for mooring service and launch service through out the year*

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We are accepting credit cards for both Mooring Service** and Launch Service***.  

Call the office to pay via credit card. 781-631-0611

*"launch and mooring discount pricing can not be combined with other pricing discounts, inquire with the office about pricing discounts.

**All services must be paid for before work will be performed. There will be a $25 charge for any returned checks and an 18 percent annual interest charge on the late balance past thirty days.

***(Stickers only, not available on Pay by the Ride basis)

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